Online Marketing & Promotions

Online Marketing & Promotions
Marketing Should Always Come First, Shouldn’t It.
  What starts all the design ideas?  Marketing.
  What sets the stage for the layout of the site?  Marketing.
  What constructs effective navigation layouts?  Marketing.
  What determines how your website looks good visually?  Marketing.
  What takes your site and turns it into a revenue generator for the business?  Marketing.
  What ensures the design adheres to best usability practices or considers the audience’s needs and requirements?  Marketing.
And that’s exactly why at some point, everyone ultimately realizes marketing should always come first and foremost; the rest is built from that!
In light of this epiphany, we have created a comprehensive list of questions that we use to determine the true and full scope of any new web design and development project. Thinking through these answers early, scope creep is kept to a minimum and together we will ensures that your final product meets and/or exceeds your expected Results!
Because of this knowledge now, after you answer our series of questions, we will be able to:
  Get the best understanding of your business/personal goals;
  Know who your audience is and what you’re truly looking to accomplish;
  Produce a custom quote that is as accurate as possible to the your wants and needs;
  Build a site that is ready to be marketed online, staying true to the business’s core principles and vision; and
  Ultimately deliver a website that meets and/or exceeds your expectations!